Polypropylene Lab Coats

For your disposable protective gear needs, Industrias Tiara Products exclusively supplies the finest Lab Coats. These Lab Coats are vital for workplace safety and cleanliness, and are designed for usage in the Pharmaceutical Industry and Contaminated Areas. That is why you owe it to yourself and your business to only get the best Lab Coats from Industrias Tiara Products. You can trust that our Lab Coats will keep you and your staff safe on a daily basis.

Polypropylene Lab Coats



Color \ Size \ SKU Medium Large X-Large 2X 3X 4X 5X 6X 7X
White 53EW-M 53EW-L 53EW-XL 53EW-2X 53EW-3X 53EW-4X 53EW-5X 53EW-6X 53EW-7X
Blue 53EW-NB-M 53EW-NB-L 53EW-NB-XL 53EW-NB-2X 53EW-NB-3X 53EW-NB-4X 53EW-NB-5X 53EW-NB-6X 53EW-NB-7X
Green 53EW-GG-M 53EW-GG-L 53EW-GG-XL 53EW-GG-2X 53EW-GG-3X 53EW-GG-4X 53EW-GG-5X 53EW-GG-6X 53EW-GG-7X
Orange – Special Order 53EW-OR-M 53EW-OR-L 53EW-OR-XL 53EW-OR-2X 53EW-OR-3X 53EW-OR-4X 53EW-OR-5X 53EW-OR-6X 53EW-OR-7X
Red – Special Order 53EW-RR-M 53EW-RR-L 53EW-RR-XL 53EW-RR-2X 53EW-RR-3X 53EW-RR-4X 53EW-RR-5X 53EW-RR-6X 53EW-RR-7X
Yellow – Special Order 53EW-YY-M 53EW-YY-L 53EW-YY-XL 53EW-YY-2X 53EW-YY-3X 53EW-YY-4X 53EW-YY-5X 53EW-YY-6X 53EW-YY-7X


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