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A family-owned company within the manufacturing industry

Industrias Tiara is a family-owned company involved in the manufacturing of disposable garments and accessories. It has been operating successfully for 20+ years due to its competitive prices and product quality standards.

This privately owned company was founded in 1995. The company started with 3,000 square meters of manufacturing facilities and now 4,800 square meters of air-conditioned installations that meet safety and quality standards.

The company also has met all legal required operation permits:


Years Of Experiences

Industrias Tiara is located in a tax-free zone in San Pedro Sula, north of Honduras. Our industrial park, Zip Calpules, is located within 40 minutes of Puerto Cortes, the main port in Central America which is certified, and complies with US customs.

Trade Advantages

Production Plant

Tiara Industries has a production plant with 14,000 feet and with a capacity of having up to 1,000 workers and around 800 sewing machines plus other equipment.

Safety Training

All our staff is properly trained and certified for safety and health prevention purposes.

This includes having quarterly visits from the police department, regular announcements and shots provided from the medical department, regular announcements from the hygiene committee, and emergency exit and fire drill training to all new and existing employees.


27+ Years of Experience in Textile Industry

We are committed to the ongoing improvements of our quality system, complying with all requirements. To reach our quality objectives, we base on the following fundamentals:

  • Commitment to all social and environmental responsibilities

  • Creating a safe and positive work environment

  • Assurance of timely deliveries

  • Engagement to maintain competitive pricing

  • Continual Improvement in technology and training

  • Complying with all legal regulations and requirements

  • Optimizing resources

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