Polypropylene – Non Woven Bouffant Caps

Non Woven Bouffant Caps are available in a number of sizes and colors, and are ideal for your disposable protective gear needs. Using the appropriate sort of Polypropylene – Non Woven Bouffant Caps is crucial to workplace safety and cleanliness, from the Food Industry to Pharmaceutical Sectors, and from Industrial demands to every facet of protective clothing within these industries.

Polypropylene – Non Woven Bouffant Caps




Color \ Size \ SKU 18″ 21″ 24″ 26″ 28″
White 45 30 32 34 35
Blue 45BB 30BB 32BB 34BB 35BB
Green 45GG 30GG 32GG 34GG 35GG
Red 45RR 30RR 32RR 34RR 35RR
Yellow 45YY 30YY 32YY 34YY 35YY
Orange 45OR 30OR 32OR 34OR 35OR




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