Microporous Coveralls

For your disposable protective garment needs, Industrias Tiara Products exclusively sells the finest Microporous Coveralls, which are critical for workplace safety and hygiene. That’s why you owe it to yourself and your business to get only the highest-quality Microporous Coveralls from Industrias TiaraProducts. You can trust and rely on our Microporous Coveralls to keep you and your staff safe every day.

Microporous Coveralls




Color \ Size \ SKU Small” Medium Large X-Large 2X 3X 4X 5X
White – Open Sleeve 66MP-S 66MP-M 66MP-L 66MP-XL 66MP-2X 66MP-3X 66MP-4X 66MP-5X
White – Elastic Wrist & Ankles 66MP-EWA-S 66MP-EWA-M 66MP-EWA-L 66MP-EWA-XL 66MP-EWA-2X 66MP-EWA-3X 66MP-EWA-4X 66MP-EWA-5X
White – Elastic Wrist, Ankles & Hood 66-EWA-H-S 66-EWA-H-M 66-EWA-H-L 66-EWA-H-XL 66-EWA-H-2X 66-EWA-H-3X 66-EWA-H-4X 66-EWA-H-5X
White – Elastic Wrist, Hood & Boot 66-EWA-H-B-S 66EWA-H-B-M 66EWA-H-B-L 66EWA-H-B-XL 66EWA-H-B-2X 66EWA-H-B-3X 66EWA-H-B-4X 66EWA-H-B-5X


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